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NEEV Psycho-Philosophy Inquiry Study Group

Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Neev Psycho-Philosophy Inquiry Group is a Facebook Study Group which revolves around the teachings of J.Krishnamurti. It is meant for any one who has interested in beginning self inquiry, which means to know about the world and about oneself beyond the various layers of propoganda, measurement, deception and falsity. The beginning of self inquiry is driven by a desire to understand conflict at all levels – personal, interpersonal, social and global. I have given a brief description of what such an inquiry entails in my page Stages of Self Inquiry

Teaching Methodology

The methodolgy that is followed for self inquiry is

  • Reading – Books on Krishnamurti. Members are advised to read one chapter a day
  • Reflection – Dialogue through asking questions in the group related to the teachings and discussing them. Members are also encouraged to regularly maintain a journal of self inquiry which an be shared by them in the group along with my comments. Journal Writing is a very potent form of reflection activity that is encouraged in the group.
  • Contemplation/Meditation – Learning the central concept of Krishnamurti’s teachings as a means of knowing about the world and oneself. It is called “choiceless awareness of what is”

All members of the group are suggested to set aside a definite time in their daily schedule for all the three practices mentioned above. Only then will the self inquiry be penetrating and not a mere eyewash.

Reading Material

All members who join the group begin with the three part book series of J Krishnamurti called “Commentaries of Living”. For the sake of perusal, one may find part one here: https://jkrishnamurti.org/content/commentaries-living-first-series

Course Fees

No course fees are charged by me. If the members are interested, they may make a donation of any amount to NEEV Trust which helps sustain this endeavour. The details of donation would be provided to the member whenever requested.


I only take members who show a real commitment to self inquiry and are ready to do the three practices mentioned above : Reading, Reflection (Dialogues & Journal Writing) and Meditation. Those who are willing to follow these practices on a daily basis may send me an invitation request by following this Facebook group link


However, before messaging me please make sure that you have read the About Us and Stages of Self Inquiry pages definitely. It would, of course, be all the more better if you also go through my blog articles in the sections Psycho-Philosophical Inquiries and Meditative Inquiries of this website.

After getting a request from you, I shall message you in FB messenger to have a dialogue with you and to know about your motivations and commitment for joining the group. If I feel satisfied that you are truly interested and shall be truly benefitted by the group, I shall include you as a group member.