About Us

NEEV Community for Self Inquiry is a community devoted to teaching, sharing and living a life based on self-inquiry in the non-dual tradition of Advaita Vedanta. At present, NEEV Community exists both as an online community, with members from different countries in two different Facebook Groups (NEEV Advaita Study group and NEEV Psycho-Philosophy Study group), and as an offline community at the NEEV Community for Self Inquiry Centre in Jamshedpur, India. This FB group is devoted to sharing news, pics and videos of all that happens in the NEEV Community, both with its online and offline members. The attempt here is to chronicle the journey of the NEEV Community for Self Inquiry from its inception to when it hopefully becomes a tree giving shade to all desirous seekers of non-dual truth across the world. To support its mission, NEEV Community runs a woodworking business born out of the love of the members for wood and small-scale sustainable craftsmanship.