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I hope you have come to this website page after seeing my other pages and posts. If not, please read at least the About Us and Stages of Self Inquiry sections before proceeding. Reading them would help you assess whether you would really like to learn Advaita through the method of Self Inquiry/Jnana Yoga I have discussed in these pages.

In case you are interested in learning Advaita under my guidance, you may please note the following points

I Don’t Charge Any Fees

I teach Advaita without accepting any money. In case you would like to help us at any point of time, you may make a donation to our NEEV Centre for Self Inquiry; the details of which I shall provide when desired. But this donation is totally optional, and my teaching is in no way contingent on your giving me any money or donation. My only interest is to help you gain liberation/Moksha (as long as you are interested), and to keep the tradition of Advaita alive by teaching and passing it down to seekers.

Method of Teaching

I teach Advaita through the three processes of Jnana Yoga called

  1. Shravana – Reading the teachings/scriptures
  2. Manana – Dialogue/Reflection
  3. Nidhidhyasana – Contemplation

All these practices are remotely taught by me through the internet and one does not need to physically meet me: though one is very welcome to do so. We have a Facebook Study Group where students interact with me, the details of which are provided below. Along with it, I also interact personally with students on WhatsApp whenever they require personal counselling.

Reading Course Material

If one needs to get an idea of the kind of reading matter I recommend all students to start out with, given below is the basic Vedanta course (designed by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi and his students). Please click on this photo to access the website.

Facebook Study Group for Discussions

We have a Facebook Study Group to discuss the teachings and clear all doubts. It is a repository of all my dialogues with students. I am providing its link below. It is a private group, so in case you are interested in joining it, you will have to follow the link I am providing here, and send me a request.


After I receive a request from you, I shall message you on Facebook Messenger and have a small discussion with you about your interest and reasons for joining the group. If I feel that the group will be of help for you, I shall make you a member.

Other ways to get in touch

Alternately, you may use the following contact information or contact form to contact me.

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