Did you ever try to walk the path of Brahmacharya (sexual abstinence)? How successful were you at it?

Did you ever try to walk the path of Brahmacharya? How successful were you at it? What caused your failure or success?

Why should I walk the path of Brahmacharya? Do I want to achieve something? What is it that I want to achieve? Some state of enlightenment? How is trying to achieve enlightenment something different from anything else you want to achieve in life?

Let’s take a look at the machinery of achievement. First you make an aim and then you move towards that aim. Right?

How do you make an aim? Isn’t the aim something that you have “copied” from somewhere. Someone has told you something or perhaps you read it somewhere. Why do you copy someone? Because, you feel you are incapable of finding about yourself. Right? If one starts with a feeling of incapability and dependence, can anyone reach any point of freedom? Your feeling of incapacity is always going to be behind you like a shadow.

Now let’s see what happens after I make the aim. I project this aim in the future. Right? First you make an aim by copying someone and then you project it in time, into the future as a state to be reached. Now what you are going to reach in the future is already something that you started with. Where is anything new happening? You are moving from the known to known. If truth/enlightenment/self realization was known to you in the first place, what were you finding in the first place. You are actually just focusing so much on what you have copied as an aim that the brain will ultimately produce that experience for you.

Now let’s look at the state of the brain that is moving from “what is” to “what should be”. I am not a Brahmacharya, I must become a Brahmacharya. Such a brain is in a constant state of conflict, isn’t it? It is forever, striving and struggling within itself. It is doing violence to itself. Can such a brain ever be silent? It can at most come to a mechanical state of dumb silence for some time. And then it will quickly come into a state of conflict again because the root is a desire to become someone or something. A forced silence is not silence. Instead, when one has understood the whole nature of thought by flowering and understanding thought, without effort, then the whole brain falls silent naturally.

So, I do not practice anything in life, let alone Brahmacharya.

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