Do you ever think about how you think?

Do you ever think about how you think?

This is an interesting question. I would like to ask the question, is anyone thinking differently? Or is the thought of humanity the same?

Technologically, man may be thinking differently from what he was thinking in the past. There is an increase in knowledge in different sciences, this is evident. But psychologically has man been any different? Has thought changed psychologically? Whether it was the stone age hunter gatherer or whether it is the modern man with his nuclear weapons, psychologically man has remained the same.

Thought has attachment, aversion, insecurity, fear, desire, hurt, anger, jealousy etc. And this was the same as much for the hunter gatherer, as it is with modern man, wielding nuclear weapons. And this thought is same for you and me. We may have different expressions of these feelings, particular likes and dislikes, particular fear and desires but if we remove all these particular expressions, inwardly every single person feels the emotions of fear, desire, hurt, anger etc.

So I would not say that there is a any special “me” thinking anything differently psychologically. This may be true for technical thought. Psychological thought is nothing but a response of memory; memory of stored feelings of incidents that happened in the past. Memory stores all those moments when you felt pain and when you felt pleasure in the form of thought. So the next time, one is meeting any experience, it is with these old feelings or old pattern of thought. There is nothing new in psychological thought.

So whether you think the way you think, or whether you just think, it is all thought. It will not change the fact of me feeling hurt with someone saying something opposite to my viewpoint, or feeling disturbed by any challenge to my thinking. In the field of psychological thought there is no transformation of any kind possible.

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