How to read the site?

Dear Reader,

This site is dedicated to sharing and teaching Non-Dual Self Inquiry which is a means to achieve freedom from all suffering. The paths I followed for this purpose are the teachings of J Krishnamurti, the traditional Advaita teachings of Shankaracharya and Gaudapada and Direct Path of Sri Atmananda Krishna Menon as unfolded by Greg Goode. Though I followed these paths, I am non-sectarian in my affiliation to schools of non-dual inquiry because every completely non-dual path deconstructs itself in the end. Thus, I take various methods of different non-dual schools as different tools to deconstruct subject-object duality at every single level.

Please read the About Us page if you have not already done so to get an overall view of what is presented in this website: the history behind it and the purpose of it.

Once you have gone through the “About Us” page, you may note that all my articles are posted under three topics of Self Inquiry, arranged according to increasing order of mental depth and maturity required by a seeker for his/her journey to Self Realization.

  1. Psychological Inquiries – Understanding self and world
  2. Meditative Inquiries – Understanding Mind
  3. Advaitic & Direct Path Inquiries – Understanding Awareness
    1. Pre-Witness Stage
    2. Post-Witness Stage
    3. Collapse of Witness Stage

The site can be read meaningfully by a reader only if he/she chooses those topics to read which matches his/her current level of mental maturity.

In the website page Stages of Self Inquiry, I have discussed what I mean by all these stages in a detailed way. So, in case you wish to explore the site without getting lost, and to extract the most out of it for your self inquiry, definitely read this page after reading the About Us page.

Those who would like to study with me can visit the Learn Psycho-Philosophical Inquiry and Learn Advaita pages on the website and contact me according to the details mentioned there. The first two stages of inquiry are covered under Psycho-Philosophical Inquiries and the final stages in Advaitic and Direct Path Inquiries.

Warm wishes,