Krishnamurti, Arrogance, Advaita & the Heart

Many people take to non-dual self inquiry thinking it’s just a matter of mind and philosophy. In this article I try to show how self inquiry cannot proceed without a very deep understanding of emotions, their inspirational power, as well as their myriad deceptions. To all my students who come new to self inquiry I always start them off with the teachings of J Krishnamurti for thier tremendous insight into human emotions. Without such background work, Advaita can easily be co-opted by the mind as one of it’s strategies to cope with suffering, instead of an ending of it, eventually leading to arrogance. Apart from showing how and why emotions form an indispensable background for self inquiry, I talk how the heights of awakening in Advaita is not knowledge but bliss or love. But this height is reserved only for the rarest few. … Read More Krishnamurti, Arrogance, Advaita & the Heart

How Does A Jnani Person Deal With The Negative Impacts of the World: Part 3/3 – Neurology

In the final part of this article series, I take up the neurological studies done on the root of human emotions by American neuroscientist Le Doux in 1990s, popularized by science journalist Daniel Goleman in his book ‘Emotional Intelligence’, and further developed into a model for self-inquiry by an Australian called Peter of Actual Freedom Trust. While Peter is openly critical of eastern spiritual paths, in this article, I show conclusively, how not only the neurological model maps to Advaita, but also to Peter’s path of Actual Freedom, which he claims to be his novel discovery; something Advaita has been teaching for more than last three thousand years. … Read More How Does A Jnani Person Deal With The Negative Impacts of the World: Part 3/3 – Neurology