Unmasking Ourselves

All of us are aware that we put various masks with different people in different situations. Prompted by a Facebook post of one of my friends, this article asks whether one can live without any masks. It also examines our unconscious motivations to put on different kinds of masks, the conflicts they create, and the enormous risks involved in removing them. Finally, it probes into the reason why anyone would like to unmask oneself.… Read More Unmasking Ourselves

How to live a life free of effort?

Our society makes a virtue out of struggle and psychological effort. But is not psychological effort a result of conflict? Is it possible to live life without the conflict of psychological effort. In this response to a question I look at the root of psychological effort in our work life, and how one can do work without effort; when one does work for the sake of love.… Read More How to live a life free of effort?