You (Self) Are Not (Your) Thoughts: A Dialogue

That we all suffer conflicts of various kinds in our life is an undeniable fact. Self Inquiry is about unearthing and ending the root of all conflicts. In this dialogue with a seeker, I examine the conflict of the division between the thinker and thought. What sustains this division is the process of psychological becoming. One of the processes of psychological becoming is seeking to be virtuous. In this article, I differentiate between dharma/virtue as a process of psychological becoming and adhyatma/the spiritual science of eternal being, to help the seeker appreciate the difference, and overcome the conflict caused by this form of becoming. Finally, I introduce the various stages of self-inquiry, by which I help a seeker completely transcend the duality between the thinker and thought, as a means to ending of all conflict.… Read More You (Self) Are Not (Your) Thoughts: A Dialogue

The evolution of self : really evolution, or perpetual conflict?

Advancement of man is seen as evolution of self. In this article I show that since self is actually a fragment – a bundle of knowledge which is limited, no amount of evolution – of accumulation of knowledge – can make the limited go beyond limitations. And being limted and fragmentary, the self shall always divide man against man and man against nature. … Read More The evolution of self : really evolution, or perpetual conflict?

What is psychological becoming and how it causes suffering?

Psychological becoming is an umbrella term for all our desires: material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. In this article, I trace out the roots of this movement, which governs our personal and social lives powerfully and unconsciously. Thereafter I show how it constitutes suffering at all realms – material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, even though our current society actively encourages and rewards it.… Read More What is psychological becoming and how it causes suffering?

A life of meditation

This is not about a meditation technique, nor is this about a few minutes or few hours of meditation practiced in the midst of one’s daily life. This is not about destressing oneself. This is about a life of meditation, a profound shift in which one’s whole life becomes a field of meditation. This begins only when one has understood and finished with all psychological becoming.… Read More A life of meditation

Is there something like reduction of ego?

Since childhood, one is conditioned to become someone, someone better, someone successful. In later years, as one comes in conflict in relationships, one gets a vague sense of the word ego, as the cause of these conflicts. In this response to a question, I ask what is the root of ego, and is there any real meaning in attempts to reduce our ego.… Read More Is there something like reduction of ego?